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Services Offered

For many inventors and businesses, an in-house research and development department of engineers with various disciplines is too costly and burdensome to employ for infrequent use.  Launching Ideas is mindful of cost and we design for efficiency, increasing your product’s market viability.

Launching Ideas is now offering the most frequently used services found in #2 RESEARCH of the product life-cycle:

Mechanical Engineering

The difference between a good product and great product lies beneath the aesthetically designed exterior and resides in the mechanical engineering of the device. Design is critical, but good mechanical engineering reduces costs of production and materials, increasing long term product success.

Electrical Engineering

Many modern products have embedded electronics, from a simple blinking LEDs to interactive intelligence- products are not what they used to be! Modernize your product designs with the latest in embedded controls, let Launching Ideas quote your electronic design today!

Industrial Automation

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Systems

In addition to the electrical design and manufacture of electrical control systems, we can provide you with the total one stop shop for an automated solution.
We provide a range of industrial and commercial electrical installation services, having fully qualified electrical personnel conforming to the latest legislation we provide the following independently or as part of a total turnkey automation solution:

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

We recognise the importance of an intuitive SCADA system which provides all the detailed information for the modern production environment. Multiple view nodes, wireless stations, remote web access and dual redundant systems are just a few of the bespoke areas of SCADA.

With accountability and traceability being of high importance in the production environment we have developed SCADA systems with bespoke reporting packages, SMS and/or email notification routines and set point change logging.

Using many vendor platforms we have the experience and skill to integrate most SCADA systems to existing control infrastructures.

SCADA Software:


Brand Marketing

We specialize in crafting company identities. This includes logo design and brand guideline creation to create a standardized visual look for your product. Branding goes a long way in helping create products that stand out in consumer minds. We will create all of the elements to successfully launch your next brand: